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Online Nutrition Coach Reviews: The Best Out There

Dieting does not always deliver desired results. Dieting motivation is hard to maintain alone, and isolation does not encourage people to achieve their goals. Add to this the complications of personal health issues such as autoimmune disease and inflammation, and the path to achieving wellness can seem elusive.

An online nutrition coach is a nutrition and lifestyle advisor that helps clients achieve whole-body wellness through proper nutrition. Some of the best are:

  1. MindBodyGreen
  2. On Point
  3. Macros Inc
  4. Born Fitness
  5. Forge

Online coaches teach, advise, and answer questions 24/7 for a monthly fee. Using an online nutrition coach can be the key that unlocks the health and wellness that has been beyond reach. This article will take a look at some of the best online nutrition coaches and why these services are some of the best in the world.

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What Does an Online Nutrition Coach Do?

An online nutrition coach provides an individualized plan to help clients achieve their health and wellness goals. They complete training, often through an online program, and then provide nutrition coaching in a virtual environment. An online nutrition coach has a toolbox, provided by the affiliated company as well as the training program, that they bring to bear in each client relationship.

  • An online nutrition coach is trained to work with clients to craft a personalized nutrition program that takes into account special needs, dietary requirements, personal habits, and the end goal.
  • They provide education to clients about nutritional topics such as healthy foods, ways to prepare various fruits and vegetables, how to incorporate supplements, and when to eat.
  • Those who are interested in special programs such as a vegan program, an anti-inflammatory diet, intermittent fasting, a paleo plan, or a nutrition plan that is tailored to religious dietary requirements, can depend on the certified nutrition coaches to be able to help them achieve goals using these programs.
  • They provide support whenever it is needed. For programs that provide 24/7 coaching, this support will be given on a team basis, with specific coaching provided at scheduled times by the assigned nutrition coach.
  • Not all nutrition coaches are nutritionists. For clients who desire a superior level of service and expertise, it is important to choose a nutritionist, though the services may be more expensive.
  • Programs that offer a soup-to-nuts online nutrition coach program will include a closed support group platform that is vital to success. When participants have small questions or need general moral support they can offer help, advice, and encouragement to each other.

The level of support that is offered by an online nutrition coach will greatly affect the monthly cost of a program. For instance, a coaching program that is offered by a certified nutritionist will cost several hundred dollars a month, with one or two individual coaching sessions offered weekly.

A company that has a dozen or more staff coaches and a thriving online community can offer a similar level of service for much less, though it is not a guarantee that the coach is a certified nutritionist. They are often people who have trained through the company or another online program to become a nutrition coach.

Is a Nutrition Coach Worth It?

The cost of online nutrition coaching can be surprisingly high. Most good programs cost over $100 per month, with many costing between $200 and $300 per month. A competition-level online coach will cost between $800 and $1,000 per month. This is not small change for most people and discourages all but a committed few to ante up for this personalized level of nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

  • For those who have tried and failed repeatedly and just about given up, a nutrition coach is worth every penny. They help clients overcome the mental barriers that block health success.
  • For those who are serious about turning their health around for good, a nutrition coach is worth every penny. They identify the roadblocks that have kept clients making the wrong decisions, and help them conquer those roadblocks for good.
  • For those with special dietary needs, a nutrition coach can get the body back into harmony. This is worth every penny. People with special needs can find nutrition coaches with special training in autoimmune diseases, arthritis, PCOS, ulcerative colitis, sleep, and other health categories.

Those who are shopping for a nutrition coach can feel discouraged by the high monthly cost of these services. However, these prices are based on the personalized service that is the key to helping clients achieve their nutrition goals.

Reviews of the 5 Best Online Nutrition Coach Programs

These online nutrition coach programs are the best because they provide personalized service for each client. Each program provides support, answers, recipes, and in some cases, workout programs that the client can use to achieve their fitness goals.

These 5 online nutrition coach programs are different from each other. Those who are searching for an online nutrition coach can choose the level of support they need and find a great coaching program to help them achieve their goals.

1. MindBodyGreen Functional Nutrition Coaching

MindBodyGreen offers three services, and users can choose one, two, or all three. Even better, they offer them as classes, giving learners lifetime access for a one-time fee. While these programs are not specifically set up in a coaching format, they are integrated with an active community of like-minded learners to offer help and encouragement along the way.

  • Food Fundamentals is an 83 lesson video course on healthy food choices, preparation, and how to shop and cook smart for one or a whole family.
  • Heal With Food teaches students how to use food to heal the body. People who are dealing with chronic conditions, autoimmune diseases, and other inflammatory problems learn how to help the body repair itself using the nutrients in good foods.
  • Functional Nutrition Coaching is 221 video lessons that teach students how to coach others to use nutritious foods to achieve health goals, heal inflammatory diseases, and achieve internal balance.

As with all Mind Body Green courses, the instructors are world-renowned in their fields within functional medicine. This is the trade-off with Mind Body Green of not receiving personalized coaching from the company. Instead, learners gain the education that they need to make great nutritional decisions from the best minds in the world.

For personalization, they offer a thriving community for the learners. They can help each other, offer support, advice, and keep each other inspired to keep going. For many people, the combination of education and having a supportive community is enough to help them reach the level of success that they want.

2. On Point Nutrition

On Point Nutrition is an online nutrition consultation service that is run by registered dieticians and nutritionists. This service offers three different packages which have varying costs and levels of service.

  • The Essentials offers 10 weeks of active consultation plus 10 weeks of follow-ups. Everything that On Point offers is individualized and delivered through virtual sessions. They also offer educational materials, an interactive tracking app, and a supportive community.
  • The Academy is also 10 weeks of consultations plus 10 weeks of follow-ups, but the material goes much more in-depth, and there is nearly four times the number of virtual consultations included in the program. This allows clients to delve much deeper into solving personal health issues.
  • The Concierge program includes everything offered in The Academy, but three one-hour sessions that include in-home lifestyle consultations such as a pantry cleanout and cooking instructions.

On Point Nutrition requires that potential clients come into the program through a free consultation service. While this does not allow for casual browsing and price comparisons, it does help potential clients feel more confident in the benefits that can be achieved through an investment in On Point Nutrition virtual nutrition coaching.

3. Macros Inc.

Macros Inc. is great because they offer a free two-week trial of the program. This is the perfect way for potential clients to experience the benefits of online coaching and a supportive community before investing in the full program.

  • Macros Inc teaches healthy eating habits without banning foods or forcing clients into rigid dieting regimens. This is a realistic approach to food that helps people see that they can succeed in achieving health without submitting to scary rules.
  • Clients receive a starting survey that helps Macros Inc to choose a nutritional coach that will fit well with the client.
  • The hand-picked nutritional coach will help each client do a full lifestyle overhaul which takes preferences, favorites, and goals into account and works them into a personalized game plan to reach health goals.
  • Macros Inc has its own software and app that gives each client access to their personalized plan, allows for goal tracking, and support and feedback from the coach and community.
  • Macros Inc has a closed community that is available for all users to receive advice and support whenever they need it.
  • Macros Inc provides one weekly virtual coaching session. These sessions are check-ins that can be used to change the plan if needed, answer questions, and receive personal encouragement from the coach.

Macros Inc is a more affordable option at $149 per month after the free trial. The only possible negative is that Macros Inc locks clients into a three-month mandatory coaching period. This makes the program cost a minimum of $450 for three months of coaching. However, the money is worth it when goals become realities.

4. Born Fitness

Born Fitness is a company that delivers personalized coaching for each client that is combined with fitness coaching as well. This makes it a unique choice for an overall lifestyle and health change.

  • Born Fitness is perfect for those who want a personalized plan that takes into account the whole person.
  • Those who also need a fitness routine that they can work into a busy personal life will thrive with Born Fitness.
  • Clients are accepted after completing a survey that helps to determine if the program is the right fit.

A negative is that they require a six-month minimum commitment at $249 per month. That can be a scary length of time, but Born Fitness wants people to make a real commitment to turning their lives around. On the upside, they offer a 30-day guarantee so users have a month to decide if the full commitment is worth the money.

5. Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching offers immersive and personalized nutrition coaching and fitness training in an easy-to-use app format. This program has the added benefit of purchasing one-on-one coaching time for habit and lifestyle transformations. This coaching is purchased as a separate program.

  • Forge Online Personal Training includes both virtual nutrition coaching as well as virtual fitness coaching.
  • The fitness program includes explanatory demonstration videos for every exercise and workout routine so users are never left guessing.
  • Users can track progress with stats that track all aspects of fitness. This lets them see goals being achieved, which is incredibly motivating.
  • Users can message their trainer anytime using the proprietary mobile app.

Forge offers a free video chat consultation for those who are unsure if this program is right for them. Also, keep in mind that to get personalized meal plans, clients must purchase either the complete or premium level of the program. The standard level does not include a dietician-designed eating plan.


Purchasing an online nutrition coaching program may seem pricey, but when compared with traditional in-office consultations, the price is relatively affordable. Some programs may be covered by medical insurance if certain requirements are met.

Those who need personalized support to stick with a program and meet their goals benefit greatly from the virtual coaching that they can receive through an online nutrition coach.