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The 5 Best Accredited Online Nutrition Courses

If you’re looking to jump into the world of nutrition but aren’t ready to commit to a college program, you should look into these five accredited online nutrition courses. There’s a vast inventory of online nutrition courses to choose from, but these offer the best knowledge and information for your budget.

The best online nutrition courses you can start today are:

  1. Stanford Nutrition Science
  2. Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach Course
  3. NASM Certified Nutrition Coach Course
  4. Arizona State University’s Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Food and Nutrition Course
  5. NCSF Sport Nutrition Specialist Certification Program

These courses will cover everything you need to know about nutrition while on a flexible schedule and budget. Keep reading to learn more about advancing your nutrition skills.

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What Does Having an Accreditation for an Online Course Mean?

Online nutrition courses that are accredited prove that they offer quality education, but all online. It’s the same quality of education students would receive in a classroom setting.

Accredited programs let students know it is legitimate and trusted by professionals. In the United States, online programs and courses are accredited by agencies and institutions recognized by the Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education (CHEA).

Agencies vet these accredited courses to ensure they’re providing quality and stringent educational standards relevant to the field. Without accreditation, the quality of the curriculum would differ drastically from school to school.

If you’re seeking to take an online course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an accredited program. However, if you plan to work in the nutrition field, these accredited courses can help you boost your experience and knowledge of the profession.

Some accredited courses may be required in some nutrition positions. Most certified courses give your resume the edge to get you hired or noticed by clients.

What Kind of Things are Taught in an Accredited Online Nutrition Course?

Online nutrition courses will cover what you need to know to have a career in the profession. Today’s nutrition courses will review essential aspects of being a registered dietician or nutritionist, coach, or job in food management.

You will acquire a deeper understanding of nutrition, how to coach it, and the ability to apply what you know in the field. These courses will cover a variety of nutrition degree topics, including agriculture, food marketing, food science, and sustainability, to name a few. One course delves into the management side of foodservice, as well as marketing and food science.

You will learn the updated basics of nutrition and food science. Many of the courses will include how what we eat can affect our bodies in different ways. This subject matter is ever-changing; We learn more and more about food and how it reacts to our bodies and health every day.

This information is a large part of each course, as it’s essential to understand whether it’s personal knowledge, cooking, or working with clients.

After completion of your certificate, you should be able to apply your learning in a real-world setting. You’ll see positive changes in your clients or your own nutritional goals.

In an accredited online nutrition course, you can go at your own pace as you progress through the course entirely online. It’s a budget-friendly alternative for those not willing to commit to complete an entire degree.

Accredited Online Nutrition Courses - things are taught in an accredited online Course

What's the Best Online Nutrition Course?

When searching for the best online nutrition course, you want to keep a few things in mind. First, is it accredited? You don’t always have to take an accredited course, but this may be required in some graduate programs or job postings for nutrition careers.

Next, determine your career and interests. Research the course you are looking to take, and decide whether or not it aligns with your personal goals. Does it offer information on your specific interests? Or just a broad overview? Think about the time you’re investing before committing to an online accredited course.

In this article, we gathered all of the best online nutrition courses to make it easy for you to choose. These courses offer the best deal and information that will lead you towards a successful career in nutrition.

The 5 Best Accredited Online Nutrition Courses

If you want to pursue a career in health and food, nutrition is the path for you. Now more than ever, people focus on ingredients, how food is processed, and how it impacts our bodies and overall health. These are reasons why we need nutritionists.

In 2019, dieticians and nutritionists ranked 24th in the best healthcare jobs. The projected growth of nutritionists from 2019 to 2029 is 8%, meaning career growth is on the rise and in demand.

If you have a passion for nutrition, health, and wellness, or fitness, this is the perfect career path for you. These online courses are a new type of learning experience that is relevant to our times. Personalize your learning experience by enrolling in one of these accredited nutrition courses.

These schools and programs listed offer the best courses to outline the essential information required to succeed in your career while keeping budgets and time commitment in mind.

1. Stanford Nutrition Science

The Stanford Nutrition Science course offers eight weeks, fully online learning. The time commitment is about 8-10 hours per week with flexible learning options, ideal for those working part or full-time jobs.

The course covers various topics about nutrition science, including developing nutrition plans and interpreting and understanding nutritional research. This course includes lessons like Health & Disease, the Role of Micro- and Macronutrients, Calorie Balance in Context, and Adult and Pediatric Nutrition. It’s led by industry leaders and professionals who create a supportive learning experience.

At the end of the course, you will walk away with a Stanford Center for Health Education certificate, which is part of Stanford Medicine. This certificate can set you apart from clients or potential employers.

2. Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach Course

The Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach Course is a top-rated course that covers everything you need to know to coach nutrition successfully. This fully online program covers everything you need to know for various nutrition careers; students from this program moved on to become personal trainers, health coaches, registered dieticians, nurses, doctors, and exercise instructors.

This course offers you the opportunity to learn alongside a network of other students and health enthusiasts. You can ask questions, create and join study groups, and get expert advice- whenever you need it. You receive an online strategy guide when you sign up, and all your study materials are shipped directly to you.

When the course is completed, you will be Precision Nutrition 1 certified (PN1). Precision Nutrition Certification Level 1 certification is one of the most respected in the field. It will offer you an advantage while pursuing a nutrition position relevant to you.

Once certified, you can also list your business and contact information to be listed directly on the Precision Nutrition website. It’s an excellent opportunity to be noticed by local people interested in professionals who are Precision Nutrition approved.

3. NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

NASM, or National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Nutrition Coaching program is one of the most comprehensive certification programs. You will learn about the proper nutrition steps your clients can take to ensure they’re successful with their fitness goals.

You will work your way through their online training program and include lessons like Nutritional Science, Behavior Change Strategies, and Nutritional Coaching. This course gives you all of the facts when it comes to nutrition for your clients.

Completing this certificate will enhance your teachings and expand your business, as you can offer insight about diets, fads, food labels, and understanding portion sizes. You can help clients reach their personal goals by improving body composition, athletic performance, and overall health and wellness. Earning this certification can lead to more client growth and better results overall.

4. Arizona State University Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Food and Nutrition Entrepreneurship

Learn to combine culinary expertise with business skills to expand your food and nutrition career in this course from ASU. This degree is focused on the management side of the food industry. This course is excellent for individuals looking for a career as a head cook, food service manager, or starting a nutritional consulting service.

The curriculum covers several topics: agriculture, business, food marketing and purchasing, food science, leadership and management, and sustainability. You’ll also learn about nutrition communication and management. These courses are led by industry professionals and experts in the field. 

Arizona State University’s Bachelor’s in Applied Science and Nutrition degree offers several resources for their students, including networking opportunities with partnerships from leaders in the medical community. These leaders include Mayo Clinic, Banner Health, Honor Health, Dignity Health, and more.

After completing the ASU BAS in Nutrition, graduates are presented with incredible opportunities higher up in the food and science field. These can include anything from accounting and purchasing to marketing and management. Give yourself an edge by expanding your opportunities with ASU’s BAS Nutrition program.

5. NCSF Sport Nutrition Specialist Certification Program

The National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) Sport Nutrition Specialist Certification course is aimed at those in Sports Nutrition or those who work with athletes or want to learn more about improving performance and body composition.

This program focuses on coaches for athletes, giving them the nutritional information needed to improve performance. Some of the curricula cover dietary assessment, macro-and micro-nutrient distribution, updated health guides, and popular diets/fads and their facts.

Over the length of the course, you will develop a dietary analysis for practical recommendations, instructions to help clients understand and read food labels, nutrition coaching for fitness and sports competitions, and education on behavior for weight loss and lean mass gain.

This course is specified for those with careers or goals aligned with personal training or coaching. It’s one of the most budget-friendly courses offered in this field and takes about six months before scheduling the final NCSF-CSC exam.


Finding the right accredited online nutrition course can take some research and consideration. Understand your personal career goals, budget, and time. The convenience of online courses allows you to work while working towards your ultimate career goals.

The courses discussed to offer the best deal for legitimacy and subject matter. If you want to go into a nutrition or health and wellness field, consider one of these five accredited online nutrition courses.

As the need for nutrition-related fields grows, there’s no better time to get started on completing a certificate or degree. Access your course anywhere since it’s entirely online. It can be completed on the go or right from your home.