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The 3 Best Online Nutrition Programs for Weightloss

Most of us understand the importance of a healthy diet, but few know what nutrition is and how it benefits our health. A healthy diet involves eating less unhealthy foods, i.e., fried foods, and consuming more fruits and vegetables. Good nutrition, on the other hand, is the foundation for excellent health.

Good nutrient contributes to a healthy lifestyle without lifestyle diseases. For example, when you consume food like; whole foods, fruits, and vegetables while balancing them accordingly, the body absorbs all these nutrients and helps repair tissues and regulate the body’s chemical processes. Now that is what nutrition is all about. It enables your body to balance all the food groups to strengthen your body and immune system.

Consuming highly processed foods means you’ll have saturated fats, added sugars, and they get into your bloodstream. It needs rich nutrients for your body to work best, not these inadequate nutrients from nutrient-poor foods. There is so much to learn about what nutrients are actually good for you. Find out more in nutrition 101 about the 3 kinds of fats.

Your nutrition affects not only your physical health but also your mind. Whatever food we consume causes a chemical change in the brain structure. This is why sometimes people end up depressed or moody because they eat unhealthily.

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What Is The Best Online Weight Loss Program?

Various online weight loss programs will promise to help you lose thirty pounds in thirty days, and you could be wondering what qualities to check out for in a weight loss program.

The best programs to look out for are;

  1. Food Fundamentals by Mind Body Green
  2. Optimal Health for a Vibrant Life by Yoga International
  3. Heal with Food by Mind Body Green

The best weight loss programs have these qualities;

  • High in lean proteins and vegetables. When checking out online nutrition programs for weight loss, be sure to see if the plan involves you consuming lots of vegetables and proteins. High fiber and lean proteins will help you achieve your weight loss goals quicker.
  • The program shouldn’t eliminate fats and carbohydrates. In the health industry, fats and carbohydrates are associated with obesity and other lifestyle illnesses. Fat helps produce hormones, regulate blood pressure, inflammation, brain function, and helps in the absorption of vitamins. Carbohydrates, on the other hand, help in brain function and providing energy. I know you’ve heard many people recommend you cut off carbohydrates, but why would you do that? They make average foods delicious.
  • Avoid cleanses, crash diets, and detoxes. These are quick fixes that would strain your body but won’t be beneficial in the long run. Instead, take a nutrition program that will give you long-term benefits, and you can turn it into a lifestyle. For you lose weight and keep it off takes a lot of time, unlike what cleanses and detoxes promise.
  • Make sure it doesn’t control your life. An excellent online nutrition program for weight loss should not prevent you from living your life like you usually do. Instead, take a program that merges effortlessly with your daily routine and life except in ways you would like it to change.
  • Choose a flexible diet. When your diet prohibits many groups of food, it only makes you crave to eat them more. Such a program isn’t sustainable. Instead, your diet should allow you to have treats once in a while, still going by the rules eighty percent of the time.
  • Your plan should provide a caloric deficit. It is impossible to eat at a caloric surplus and still expect to lose weight. It would be best if you burned more calories than you’ve consumed for your body to burn fat. Any program that makes you believe otherwise is a lie.
  • Track your food and progress. It would be best if you were careful of how many calories you consume. You don’t have to do this for the entire length of your program because eventually, you’ll be able to eyeball your portion sizes. Your program should also require you to input your weight and inches every week so it can be easy to track your progress throughout the program.
  • Strength training. Practicing strength training will help you lose weight a lot quicker and keep it off. When you lose weight without working out, you tend to lose fat and muscles, which isn’t good.

The above points will help you figure what online nutrition programs for weight loss are worth your pennies. All-in-all, always remember that all bodies are different, and you should expect to see the same results as someone else in a given period.

What’s The Best Free Online Weightloss Program?

There are a couple of free weight loss programs, and you could be wondering which one of them is worthwhile and has all the qualities mentioned above for a successful program.


SparkPeople is a free website and provides a weight loss program that you can use to get to your goals.

The website has different challenges you can try out and over 600,000 delicious recipes you can use. You also will get your personalized fitness program that integrates well with most fitness trackers.

You also get access to the community on the website and the app; access to the community means you can get support and answers throughout your journey. The website and app also offer you tools to track your progress and change your food and workout preference.

The 3 Best Online Nutrition Programs for Weight Loss

Since there’s a flood of nutrition courses online for weight loss, we will highlight a few that we know have all the qualities you will need to succeed in your weight loss journey.

1. Mind Body Green- Food Fundamentals

Food Fundamentals is a course that will teach you how to shop smart and make healthy choices for yourself and your family. If you’ve always had trouble choosing healthy food when you’re in the grocery store, this course is perfect for you. It will help you have great meal plans and healthy shopping lists, saving you money and your health.

If you’re curious about other diets such as; keto, paleo, vegetarian, and gluten-free, this course will give you an insight into these diets. Upon completion, you will learn about these diet plans and even adopt them into your lifestyle. In addition, knowing the difference between these eating methods will help you realize one that’s most compatible with you.

This course also informs you about how your diet affects the environment and climate. This knowledge will help you make a better decision regarding the type of food you consume.

If you haven’t felt amazing for quite a while now and you feel like your eating is unhealthy, you should stick with this course. You will learn how to fuel your body properly, eliminate toxins and balance your hormones through nutrition.

What you will gain from the course

  • Eighty-five informative video lessons
  • Twelve modules detailed to guide you throughout your journey
  • Over 250 pages of information that will help you with shopping lists and nutritional concepts.
  • You will also get lifetime access to this course for your reference whenever you need it.
online nutrition programs for weight loss - Mind Body Green- Food Fundamentals

2. Yoga International- Optimal Health for a Vibrant Life

This 30-day mind and body course by Yoga International will guide you in resetting your digestion and also teach you breathing, yoga, and meditation for a more mindful life. Every day, you’ll watch a short video that will help guide you through what actions you should take for the day. These little actions, when implemented in your daily life, will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

As you start the program, you’ll be required to choose a technique that best serves you so you can have a personalized experience. In addition, the course comes with weekly overviews that will help guide you throughout your journey.

This program will help you improve digestion, concentration, and productivity. Since one of the lead instructors has Traditional Chinese Medicine Knowledge, it will be an excellent chance for you to get this knowledge, practice yoga, and get nutritional tips from the experts.

What you will gain from the course

  • Learning meditation
  • You will turn yoga into daily practice.
  • You will gain knowledge on Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge
  • If you’re a Registered Yoga Teacher, this course offers you six continuing education hours.
  • You will get a certificate upon completion.
  • The course will be yours to keep, and you can come back to it whenever you feel like you’re rearing off the nutrition wagon.
online nutrition programs for weight loss - Yoga International - Optimal Health for a Vibrant Life

3. Mind Body Green- Heal With Food

Heal With food is another excellent course by Mind Body Green that will help you with inflammation and other diseases through proper nutrition. They say that food is fuel to our bodies, and this course teaches you how to use food as a good fuel to boost your health.

Many people suffering from autoimmune diseases end up taking too many medications. In this course, you learn how to use good nutrition to reverse the effects of the disease. This program will save you money that you’re using, going from one doctor to another, looking for one to give you better advice on medication. Healing starts with nutrition.

Inflammation can be exhausting. If you’ve suffered inflammation, you know that some foods can naturally help reduce inflammation in the body. You will learn about foods that increase inflammation and which ones decrease it. This course highlights these foods and helps you make great choices when eating your food.

This course will guide you to be a better advocate for yourself at the doctor’s office. You will know what tests and specialists to ask for when you aren’t feeling well or in need of a checkup. You could also benefit if you’re curious about how to use food to heal your body and prevent illnesses.

What you will gain from the course

  • Over 320 pages of guidance about inflammation, what to ask at the doctor’s office, among other information.
  • Twelve modules with detailed guidance
  • You will also get to keep the program after the course for future reference.
  • You will learn through one hundred and five videos that will go in-depth explaining what you need to know about your health and food choices.
online nutrition programs for weight loss - Mind Body Green- Heal With Food

Final Words

Nutrition is a topic that we should all educate ourselves on as it helps solve various issues. With good nutrition, you can keep many diseases at bay and maintain a healthy weight. Seeking a worthy nutrition course online can be tiring, and that’s why we’ve put together a list of which ones are worth your coins and critical points you should note when choosing a course. Be keen and select a plan that complements your lifestyle.

There are also some of the best books on eating healthy to help you in your nutrition journey.