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The 7 Best Online Nutritionists on Instagram

Today, many people have discovered that living a healthy lifestyle is a better option to choose. This choice has resulted in the existence of online nutritionists. Online nutritionists help their clients by guiding them to develop a positive relationship with food and develop healthy habits.

A nutritionist will create a personal program for you to work out, help you do healthy grocery shopping, and create great meal plans. In addition, with a nutritionist, you will get guidance on how to use food to fuel your body better and achieve your goals either in weight loss, weight gain, or other matters relating to your relationship with food.

It can be challenging to shed weight when you have no idea how to exercise, eat, and choose a diet to stick to. When you hire a nutrition coach, you will get guidance on the best diet you can adopt depending on your needs and what you like to consume. It doesn’t have to be torture. In the end, you will benefit from forming many healthy behaviors.

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Where Can I Find An Online Nutritionist?

Many online nutritionists have established an online presence because that is where they get their clients. There are many online sites you can find a nutritionist.

1. Social media

There are various social media platforms where you can come across nutritionists. If you use the right keywords, you’ll land yourself a nutritionist, and from there on, you can choose which one you would love most.

When it comes to Instagram, you can find one nutritionist, then check the people they follow, and you’ll be sure to land yourself another nutritionist. Facebook is relatively easy as you can find them in groups that mostly talk about food and different diets. The good thing about social media is that you’ll always get honest reviews from past clients about a nutritionist.

By checking their social media, you’ll also learn more about them and their personality just by how they engage with posts, and you can make your choices.

2. Website

When you google “online nutritionist” and add your location, you’ll most likely get many nutritionist websites. In addition, most online nutritionists have a website where you can access their services and sign up for their online nutrition courses if they have any.

A website is another perfect place to find information about a nutritionist, see what they offer, their prices, and get to choose what you desire. Furthermore, the website will help you know more about the nutritionist and their services.

3. Nutrition Apps

There are various nutrition apps that you can access online. Most of these apps assign a nutritionist available throughout the week to help you out with your needs. When you sign up for these apps, you answer a questionnaire where you get asked many questions to help them know what you need to work on.

You can check up the nutritionists in these apps to see if they’re registered dietitians if that’s of importance to you. Also, with apps, you get to choose which conditions you would like to deal with or conquer using nutrition knowledge. These apps include; Noom, Teladoc, Amwell, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To A Nutritionist?

The price you’ll pay for a nutritionist depends on a lot of things. Their education, certifications, years of experience, and services they will be offering you. Some nutritionists have studied to be Registered Dietician Nutritionists and also have more certifications in psychology and counseling to go along with their nutrition certification.

Such nutritionists will help you stop emotional eating and work out what triggers your emotional eating and eating disorders. However, these nutritionists will cost more than regular ones.

According to Thumbtack, a nutritionist could cost an average of between $80 to $130. This means that there are nutritionists that cost less or even more than this. The charges are dependent on many variables, and it doesn’t mean that the most expensive nutritionist is the best. Choose according to your needs and the reviews.

The 7 Best Online Nutritionists on Instagram

There are many online nutritionists making storms on the internet. Instagram would be a good start to search for a nutritionist. Below we recommend nutritionists that we think would be worth your time.

1. @Plantcenterednutrition

@Plantcenterednutrition Ashley is a Registered Dietitian who can lead you to try out more plant-based, vegetarian or vegan diets. If you’re an enthusiast of a plant-based lifestyle, she sure is the person to consult. On her page, Ashley posts meal prep recipes to help everyone. If you’re oil-free or gluten-free, she also has delicious options for you.

Her page is full of helpful information on matters most people questions when thinking of a plant-based lifestyle. In addition, she gives tips on how to live a healthier plant-based lifestyle. She also has many tips on mindfulness. 

Ashley has a free Ebook that can help anyone budget, shop, and meal prep for their weekly routines. These help you stay on the line when you have health goals you need to meet. The recipes are simple, and the meals are cost-friendly. She also provides different ways you can pair the meals when eating to prevent boredom.

online nutritionist - Plantcenterednutrition

2. @foodfitnessandfaith

@foodfitnessandfaith Clara Norfleet is a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. Her page is full of healthy recipes, workouts, and nutrition information. Norfleet posts about ways you can achieve fitness while also eating mindfully. She also has shopping tips and delicious recipes on her page.

If you’re looking for healthy recipes and workouts to help meet your goals, she is the person to follow. Her page is full of inspiration.

Norfleet has an Ebook on her website full of nutrition tips, nutrient-dense recipes, and multiple gluten-free and dairy-free recipes. She also has journal prompts on her ebook. These journal prompts will help you makeover your mindset. Buying this printable guide will also give you access to her private Facebook group, where you can get direct advice from her.

online nutritionist - foodfitnessandfaith

3. @mynewroots

@mynewroots If you’re looking for healthy vegetarian recipes, you should follow Sarah Britton. Britton is an inspiration, and her food pictures will make you want to swipe them from the screen into your plate. She’s a holistic nutritionist who will make you see how colorful, nutritious, and sweet vegetarian recipes are.

Her recipes show that a vegetarian diet is neither boring nor bland. If you love seeing and re-creating vibrant plant-based meals, you must follow her. Britton is also into mindfulness and yoga. She shares pictures of herself practicing yoga, meditation, sound healing, and all the good things.

Britton has a vegan cookbook to die for if you’re a vegan or want better plant-based recipes. The book has recipes divided into five seasons. For example, summer has two different categories of early summer and late summer. Her recipes will have you eating delicious plant-based foods every season without having the excuse of “vegetables are out of season.”

online nutritionist - mynewroots

4. @theguthealthdoctor

@theguthealthdoctor Dr. Megan Rossi is a Registered Dietitian and an expert on gut health. Dr. Rossi posts information on living with gut health problems and foods that will help eradicate them. She also talks about celiac, IBS, and other gut problems.

If you have gut problems or need to keep your gut health in check, she is one to follow. She also bursts myths on food trends that aren’t good for your health. She is honest and will prevent you from pursuing any trends that aren’t good for your health. Her recipes are vibrant, and you’ll want to lick your screen.

Rossi has a book that will guide you to transform your gut health. In her book, she explains how to feed your gut and make it healthier. This book also has over fifty easy-to-make recipes that will improve your gut health. Her book will advise you on how to deal with gut problems and improve them using your diet. She also has other books that will help improve your health and relationship with food.

online nutritionist - theguthealthdoctor

5. @bewellbykelly

@bewellbykelly Kelly LeVeque is a celebrity nutritionist. LeVeque is a firm believer in a balanced diet. But if you’ve thought about adopting paleo, keto, or a low-carb diet, she is someone you need to follow. She posts photos and recipes of nutritious smoothies and guilt-free desserts.

She also has a podcast where she invites other health professionals to chat with them about various myths and how to achieve a healthier lifestyle. LeVeque also talks about gut health and how you can promote it by eating certain foods.

LeVeque also has a book and a course that could help develop a better relationship with food, your body, and live healthily. In addition, she puts together recipes and advice in her book that will help you live a nutritious, healthy life.

online nutritionist - bewellbykelly

6. @thefoodmedic

@thefoodmedic Dr. Hazel Wallace is a Medical doctor. She shares healthy recipes, talks about health in her podcast, and talks of fitness too. Wallace also touches on specific diseases and explains their myths while offering factual information on them. Her recipes are easy to follow and also delicious.

She is a respected voice in the nutrition world as she writes articles about health and nutrition too. She is a trusted voice, and you can use her advice on how to eat to fuel your body better. In addition, Wallace will veer you off fake products such as tummy teas invented to rob you of your money.

Wallace has a book where she helps you know more about calories, macros, and micronutrients. In her book, you get recipes and advice to help you transform your lifestyle to be healthier. She also has common health problems and how to solve them with your diet.

online nutritionist - thefoodmedic

7. @marisamoore

@marisamoore Marisa Moore is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She shares amazingly delicious recipes on her Instagram. Moore also practices yoga and shares it. She is an inspiration because she creates her recipes to meet your health goals whereas eliminating or minimizing the unhealthy side of it.

Her food pictures will make you want to go to your kitchen immediately and make yourself healthy and delicious food to eat. Moore also advises against cutting off certain food groups and helps you make your meals with all the ingredients you have but healthier. Follow her to see vibrant food pictures, smoothies, and delicious recipes.

You can follow Moore closely on her social media since she will be launching her cookbook loaded with all the delicious foods we’ve seen on her Instagram soon.

online nutritionist - marisamoore

Final Words

Nutrition is essential for a healthy lifestyle. If you have a terrible relationship with food, a nutritionist could help you improve it. The good thing about hiring a nutritionist is that the goals you’re looking to achieve arent for just a holiday trip or the summer. They will instill you with knowledge and change how you view and relate to food.

If you want to become an online nutrition coach like these influencers, it is easier than you think. Just follow that link to learn how.